The main objective of the course is to acquaint the specialists with the possibilities, provided in case of proper and purposeful use of statistical provision of management decisions design and support.  Statistical methods usage facilitating in order to convert many management problems into the place of accurate quantitative representation with qualitative content, on the basis of actual accounts dataware according to users’ needs. This is the guarantee for creative approach while implementing particular managerial tasks, searching the news ways or managerial decisions quality increasing and substantiation, developing actions concerning all incidences efficiency rising. The course contributes to the wider graduate profile and fulfils Ukrainian Ministerial requirements.


On completion of the module, students will be able to analyse and categorise ideas, evaluate data concerning managerial and methodological basis of statistical provision of management; understand statistical models construction and usage, studying their development proportionality,  its balance, efficiency, development trends under certain factors, economic attractiveness, risky activity etc.; ability to calculate results of economic interpretation; mastering the statistical analysis results economic interpretation for managerial decisions substantiation.